Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Release Weekend

Midnight Prerelease Event - Friday (technically Sat.) Jan. 15 at Midnight. $25 (3 Rounds). Payout by record.
Saturday Morning Magic Prerelease Event. Jan. 16 at 11am. $25 (4 Rounds + Skins).
Saturday Main Event. Jan. 16 at 4pm. $25 (Full rounds + Top-8 Draft). Prizes based on record.
Saturday Night Two-Headed Giant. Jan. 16 at 8pm. $16 (Two-Headed Giant! Four rounds). Payout by record.
Sunday Magic Brunch. Jan. 17 at 11am. $20 (2 Rounds + 1 Pack + Skins).
Sunday Fun-Day Two-Headed Giant. Jan. 17 at 2pm. $16 (Two-Headed Giant! Four rounds). Payout by record.

Holiday Hours

We will be closing at 6pm on Thursday, Dec. 24, and will be closed on Christmas Day. We will be open our normal hours on Dec. 26. We will also be closed on Friday, January 1, 2016. Happy holiday wishes from Critical Hit Games!

Pre-Registration & Pre-Ordering

We have begun Pre-Registration for the Oath of the Gatewatch prerelease (taking place on January 16-17, 2016). We are also accepting preorders for OotG Booster Boxes and Fat Packs. Stop by and see Chance for more details.

Closed Sunday Open Monday

CHG will be closed on Sunday, September 6th. We will be open on Labor Day with more details about Battle For Zendikar as well as Preordering information.

Stay Tuned...



It is with both excitement and fond reflection that we are announcing that ownership of Critical Hit Games is scheduled to transfer to Chance Kirchhof on November 1st, 2015. Over the past five years we have been proud to guide the operations of Critical Hit Games as we moved locations, underwent multiple renovations, and played countless games with both new and old friends. The decision to transfer ownership is prompted by Landon’s recent acceptance of a job in Bettendorf, IA. While we do not plan on moving out of Iowa City immediately, the opportunity to sell presents us with the flexibility to more easily relocate in the future without disrupting the community that has been the foundation of Critical Hit Games.

We are ecstatic that Chance, one of our long-time community leaders, will be continuing Critical Hit’s mission of providing an atmosphere of service and community where players can come together to make friends and share in their love of gaming. A primary reason that Landon and I started our journey with Critical Hit was to help ensure that a friendly and open play space for gamers of all sorts remained available in the Iowa City area. We shared that vision with Jerod Leupold nearly five years ago and now we share it with Chance. We are confident that he will continue on with Critical Hit’s community-driven philosophy as well as bring fresh energy and perspective to the store.

In the coming months you can expect to see Chance more frequently as he gradually takes over our current operations. Our hope is for the store’s transition of ownership to be as seamless as possible to the community. Store credit balances and special orders will be retained and no disruptions to our events or services are expected.

The time Landon and I have spent with Critical Hit Games has given us a wealth of great memories and friends. As we move on to new endeavors, our desire to see Critical Hit flourish as a destination for those who want to meet others and share their passion for gaming will continue. We sincerely hope that everyone shows Chance the generosity and support you have provided us the past five years. Following the transition, we look forward to starting a new relationship with C.H.G. as customers and as gamers.


Thank you,

Kate Hoynacki-Fry and Landon Fry

Owners - Critical Hit Games

Magic Origins Pre-Release

Pre-Release Weekend is July 11th and 12th!

To Pre-Register, stop in the store or go to:

This will be the final Magic core set! Learn about the origins of some of Magic's most famous planeswalkers and bid farewell to annual core set releases.

Scheduled Pre-Release Events:

Saturday, July 11th

Midnight (after Friday Night Magic) - 3 rounds - payout by record - $25
11am - 4 rounds - skins payout - $25
4pm - full rounds and cut to top8 draft -
payout by record - $25
8pm - 2 headed Giant - payout by record - $16

Sunday, July 12th

11am - 2 rounds - skins payout +1 pack to everyone - $20
2pm - 2 headed Giant - payout by record - $16

Pokemon League Challenge

Our next Pokemon League Challenge will be Sunday, June 28th. Registration begins at noon and the tournament begins at 1pm. This League Challenge is open to all Pokemon TCG players with a legal deck. Entry is free. Prizes for top players include special league challenge promo cards and championship points.

Deck lists are required so come early to register. This is a great entry-level premiere event for newer players. Please call us or send an email to if you have any questions.

Modern Masters II Drafts

Saturday 5/23 @ noon - 4pm - 8pm
cost = $40
payout= 6-4-2-2-1-1-1 ( for 8man pod )

Pokemon Sealed Event - Delayed


Tomorrow's (5/10) scheduled Pokemon sealed event has been delayed until Sunday, May 17th. Sorry for the inconvenience. We encourage everyone to be nice to their moms tomorrow and join us next week.


What Format: Sealed Dragons of Tarkir Cut Top 8 Draft

What Day: Saturday, May 2nd

What Time: Registration @ 1:00pm

What Money: $40

What Prizes: Pay-Out to Top 8 amount dependant on Attendance.