3 D Brawl

 Three Die Block

Critical Hit Games is proud to be hosting the 3rd Annual 3 D B Blood Bowl Tournament. The tournament, organized by the hosts of the premier Blood Bowl podcast Three Die Block, will be June 7th.

Entrants can Pre-Register online via this website. Simply add the 3 D Brawl Pre-Registration item to your cart and check out. Currently only PayPal and store credit is accepted via our website. If you would like to Pre-Register using a different payment method, please contact us at 319-333-1260 or e-mail us at CHG@CriticalHitGames.net. We are currently capping attendance at 50 so Pre-Registration not only saves you $5 compared to at-the-door registration but also ensures a spot in the tournament.

Please read below for tournament details straight from Chance and Drew.

Also be sure to check out the podcast at http://threedieblock.libsyn.com/ if you’re not already familiar.


3 D Brawl Tournament Details

When: June 7, 2014


Critical Hit Games

702 S Gilbert St #104

Iowa City, IA 52240


$25 Pre-Registration

$30 At-the-Door

Tournament Rules:

  • Tourney will use the Competition Rules (LRB 6.0).

    • Copies can be found here:  


  • Tourney will permit the addendum races found here: http://www.thenaf.net/files/NewTeams_LRB6.pdf 

  • We will use the normal Kickoff Table found in the above rule book.

  • Each match will roll their own weather.

  • This will be a resurrection style tournament.

    • All injuries will be magically healed prior to the next match.

    • No star player points will be accumulated or carried into the next match. 

  • The Apes of Wrath team will be allowed using the below roster:

      • 0-16 Line Ape 50k 6337 Extra Arms G/ASP

      • 0-2 Thrower 70k 5338 Extra Arms, Strong Arm GP/AS

      • 0-2 Runner 80k 7337 Extra Arms, Wrestle GA/SP

      • 0-4 Gorilla 100k 5428 Extra Arms, Grab AS/GP

      • 0-1 Silverback 140k 5519 Loner, Extra Arms, Grab, Wild Animal, Mighty Blow S/GAP

      • Rerolls 60k

  • Team Miniatures

      • Minimum of 3 colors and based. 

      • Each model must be easily identifiable, i.e. numbered.

  • Team Value Each Team Roster will have a maximum Team Value of 1,100,000 gold pieces (TV 110).

    • You may purchase specified inducements at the cost listed in LRB and add them to your team roster.

      • Purchasable Inducements:

        • Bribes

        • Extra Team Training

        • Master Chef

        • Wandering Apothecaries

        • Star Players

          • NOTE: If you and your opponent have the same Star Player, some magic or something happens and you both can use the Star Player.

          • NOTE: A Star Player may make up the 11th player on your team.

    • You may pick one of the following 3 skill packages to enhance your team’s players.

      • NOTE: No Player may receive more than 1 Skill.

      • NOTE: Star Players may not receive a skill package improvement.

      • Skill Package A

        • You May Give 6 non-double skills to 6 different players (non-Star Player).

      • Skill Package B

        • You may give 4 non-double skills to 4 different players (non-Star Players).

        • You may give 1 double skill to 1 different player (non-Star Player).

      • Skill Package C

        • You may give 2 non-double skills to 2 different players (non-Star Players).

        • You may give 2 double skills to 2 different players (non-Star Players).

    • We will be running 4 rounds of Swiss over one day.

      • No Overtime will be played.

      • We will be strictly enforcing a two hour time limit.

        • Once Time has been called, whichever coach’s active player will finish his or her action (including any applicable armor/injury rolls).

        • Once that player is finished, the game is over.

      • Normal Scoring

        • Win: 60 points

        • Draw: 30 points

        • Loss: 10 points

      • Bonus Points

        • Keeping it Close: 3 points (Lose by only 1 TD)

        • CAS (you get 1, not both)

          • Out injure opponents by 2+ : 2 points

          • Out injure opponents by 3+: 5 points

        • TD’s (you get 1, not both)

          • Out score opponent by 2+: 2 points

          • Out score opponent by 3+: 5 points

    • Time Line:

      • 8:00 Registration

      • 9:00 Round 1 begins

      • 11:00 Round 1 ends

      • 11:15 Round 2 begins

      • 1:15 Round 2 ends

      • 1:15 to 2:30 - Lunch

      • 2:30 Round 3 begins

      • 4:30 Round 3 ends

      • 4:45 Round 4 begins

      • 6:45 Round 4 ends

      • 7:00 Awards and Hugs