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A Fistful of Daisies

A Fistful of Daisies

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In the valley of Herens in A Fistful of Daisies, cows fight one another to win succulent flowers, then get back to the cowshed first. Each cow player starts with a board showing flowers that they want to eat. On a turn, one player rolls the dice, then each player drafts a die in turn. Players then take turns moving their cows, and if they end their movement in a flower field matching a color they want to eat, then they take a token and cover one of those colored spaces on their board. If they land where another cow is located, they must duel! Roll the cows to see who ends up showing more spots; whoever wins collects clover tokens equal to the number of spots you rolled, and as soon as you have at least four clover, you had in four to cover a flower of your choice. Whoever first covers all their flowers, then returns to the cowshed from which they started movement on this circular board wins.

Extra Info

BGID: 316623
Category: Children's Game
Time: 20 Min
Designer: Frank Crittin Gregoire Largey
PrimaryName: A Fistful of Daisies
Players: 2–4 Players
Year: 2020
Artist: Remy Tornior
Product Title: A Fistful of Daisies
Mechanics: Dice Rolling Roll / Spin and Move
Ages: 6 and up
Publisher: Space Cow
Series Name:
Ship Date: