3 D Brawl

 Three Die Block

Critical Hit Games is proud to be hosting the 4th Annual 3 D B Blood Bowl Tournament. The tournament, organized by the hosts of the premier Blood Bowl podcast Three Die Block, will be Saturday, June 4, 2016.

Pre-Register online via this website by following this link.  http://www.criticalhitgames.net/catalog/events-blood_bowl/391

Currently only PayPal and store credit is accepted via our website. If you would like to Pre-Register using a different payment method, please contact us at 319-333-1260 or e-mail us at CHG@CriticalHitGames.net. We are currently capping attendance at 50 so Pre-Registration not only saves you $5 compared to at-the-door registration but also ensures a spot in the tournament.

Please read below for tournament details straight from Chance and Drew.

Also be sure to check out the podcast at http://threedieblock.libsyn.com/ if you’re not already familiar.


3 D Brawl Tournament Details

When: June 4th, 2016
Where: Critical Hit Games
           702 S Gilbert St #104
           Iowa City, IA 52240
Cost: $25 Pre-Registration
           $30 At-the-Door

Tournament Rules:
Tourney will use the Competition Rules (LRB 6.0).
Copies can be found here:  
Tourney will permit the addendum races found here: http://www.thenaf.net/files/NewTeams_LRB6.pdf 
Apes of Wrath – same as FUMBBL
We will use the normal Kickoff Table found in the above rule book.
Each match will roll their own weather.
This will be a resurrection style tournament.
All injuries will be magically healed prior to the next match.
No star player points will be accumulated or carried into the next match.
The Apes of Wrath team will be allowed using the below roster:
0-16 Line Ape 50k 6337 Extra Arms G/ASP
0-2 Thrower 70k 5338 Extra Arms, Strong Arm GP/AS
0-2 Runner 80k 7337 Extra Arms, Wrestle GA/SP
0-4 Gorilla 100k 5428 Extra Arms, Grab AS/GP
0-1 Silverback 140k 5519 Loner, Extra Arms, Grab, Wild Animal, Mighty Blow S/GAP
Rerolls 60k
Team Miniatures
Minimum of 3 colors and based.
Each model must be easily identifiable, i.e. numbered.
Team Value Each Team Roster will have a maximum Team Value of 1,100,000 gold pieces (TV 110).
You may purchase specified inducements at the cost listed in LRB and add them to your team roster.
Purchasable Inducements:
Extra Team Training
Master Chef
Wandering Apothecaries
Star Players
NOTE: If you and your opponent have the same Star Player, some magic or something happens and you both can use the Star Player.
NOTE: A Star Player may make up the 11th player on your team.
You may pick one of the following 3 skill packages to enhance your team’s players.
NOTE: No Player may receive more than 1 Skill.
NOTE: Star Players may not receive a skill package improvement.
Skill Package A
You May Give 6 non-double skills to 6 different players (non-Star Player).
Skill Package B
You may give 4 non-double skills to 4 different players (non-Star Players).
You may give 1 double skill to 1 different player (non-Star Player).
Skill Package C
You may give 2 non-double skills to 2 different players (non-Star Players).
You may give 2 double skills to 2 different players (non-Star Players).
We will be running 4 rounds of Swiss over one day.
No Overtime will be played.
We will be strictly enforcing a two hour time limit.
Once Time has been called, whichever coach’s active player will finish his or her action (including any applicable armor/injury rolls).
Once that player is finished, the game is over.
Normal Scoring
Win: 60 points
Draw: 30 points
Loss: 10 points
Bonus Points
Keeping it Close: 3 points (Lose by only 1 TD)
CAS (you get 1, not both)
Out injure opponents by 2+ : 2 points
Out injure opponents by 3+: 5 points
TD’s (you get 1, not both)
Out score opponent by 2+: 2 points
Out score opponent by 3+: 5 points
Time Line
8:00 Registration
9:00 Round 1 begins
11:00 Round 1 ends
11:15 Round 2 begins
1:15 Round 2 ends
1:15 to 2:30 - Lunch
2:30 Round 3 begins
4:30 Round 3 ends
4:45 Round 4 begins
6:45 Round 4 ends
7:00 Awards and Hugs

Prize Pick order:
1st – Champ
Deacon Sportsmanship
Best Painted
2nd – End Boss
Most CAS
Most TDs
Stunty Cup
Best Defense
Dirty Deeds
Non-Trophy (Overall Tourney):
Most 3 Die Blocks
Non-Trophy (Per Round):
1 per person

Day 2
3 D Braft Tournament Details

When: June 5, 2016
Where: Critical Hit Games
           702 S Gilbert St #104
           Iowa City, IA 52240
Cost: $15 Pre-Registration
           $20 At the Door
Please visit: www.pseudoradio.blogspot.com for this year's details.